11 Years After RNY Gastric Bypass

iron-infusion-IV-bruiseJuly 27, 2015 will be 11 years since I had RNY Gastric Bypass.  I wish I could say it’s been all good and no issues – but I can’t.  I’m once again, in the middle of iron infusions as I continue to struggle keeping my ferritin levels up.  As you can see by this icky photo, my veins don’t cooperate with IV’s and this is the result.

Gastric Bypass Iron Infusions

I’ve blogged before about my experience with iron infusions, and my allergic reaction to those.  It’s literally been years since I’ve had an iron infusion, because of those reactions. I’ve tried every type and form of iron supplement, and nothing was working at really keeping my ferritin up.  It’s been a real struggle, and once again, my ferritin was dangerously low (9) and all of my other iron markers were off (Total Iron Binding Capacity was high, total iron saturation only 7%, etc…).  To say that I’m tired, would be an understatement and I have hair loss and every other symptom that would go along with anemia. [Read more…]

Do you know HOW you became overweight/obese?

[This is a post I made in a Low Carb Facebook group I belong to.  I truly believe that until we know HOW we became obese, then we aren’t going to have lifelong success in conquering our weight issues.]

You need to know HOWThe low carb/high fat (LCHF) way of eating (WOE) works for most people, because it drastically changes how they were eating before. But it doesn’t work exactly the same for everyone, and some don’t hardly lose at all… and there’s a reason why that could be.

First, you need to know the HOW in your weight loss struggles. For some, they know how, they were eating too much; but not everyone who is overweight, or obese, eats tons of food. Then why are they overweight?

Aside from carbs, and sugar, which are two huge reasons why many are struggling with weight issues, another, and less known reason, is food sensitivities.

[Read more…]

A Long Overdue Update: Life After Gastric Bypass

Wow – has it really been nearly 10 months since my last update?  Guess so.  Sorry about that folks.  Been crazy around here.

In March 2012, my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 malignant melanoma.  He underwent 3 surgeries and is now undergoing a year of treatment.

In May 2012, we decided to downsize and move.  My hubby could no longer maintain the 3 acres we had, and I couldn’t keep up with cleaning the 4,000 sq foot house!  So we put the house on the market and in August we moved into a brand new 4 bedroom duplex.  Brand new – as in, newly built, no one has ever lived in it before new. :)  It’s only 1,600 sq ft, with a garage and basement storage area.  It’s on two levels and perfect for us and the 3 kiddos still at home. [Read more…]

Paul Deen Diabetes Uproar

Recently, Paula Deen (the famous southern cook) announced she has Type 2 diabetes.  What apparently irked many was she discovered this 3 years ago, and waited to make a general announcement until such time as she had secured a deal with a diabetes treatment company.

Okay, I will admit that the way it all played out seemed like she was more interested in monetizing her situation, rather than using her public influence to educate others about diabetes.

But what really baffles me is folks lamblasting her for the food she cooks. Namely, blaming the butter and fried foods for her diabetes.

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