My Protein Picks

Have you had a hard time finding a protein supplement you could choke down? I know I sure did. The fact that we need to drink these protein shakes 3 or more times per day, means we had better at least like them a little, and loving them would be a real bonus. ;)

However, I’ve found that what one person loves, another hates. So I’ll share with you my favs, but your mileage-may-vary. :) I know the general recommendation for protein powders is to drink them in water. If you can do that – more power to you; I have a real hard time getting them down that way, so I prefer to mix mine in a little soy milk. The soy milk flavor seems to help cover or mask any odd taste that may be in the protein powder and actually makes a quite pleasing drink for me. Hey, if it makes it so I can drink the protein – then that’s what I’m gonna do. ;)

Unjury – I love anything Unjury makes. Their vanilla is awesome.  I get my Unjury straight from the web site.

Champion Pure Whey Stack – I loved pretty much any of their flavors. I don’t care much for strawberry, so I avoid those, but loved all the ones I tried.  I buy my Whey Stack from VitaLady.

These are my favorite two, I’m always trying new samples – so may add more to this list later on. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

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