Iron Infusion #1

Yesterday I finally had my first iron infusion.  I must say, “pumping iron” all day sure is tiring.  :P  It was an all day affair, I arrived at the hospital to check-in at 7:45 am and was back in the outpatient department by 8:00 am.  They had to start me with a test dose, to ensure that I wouldn’t have any reactions, and by the time they get the IV in, give me Benedryl, some steriods, Tylenol and get all that setup and the dose in, it was about 8:30 and then we waited until about 9:30.   So it was shortly after 9:30 am when they started my regular 4 hour long dose of Dextran (which is the same an InFed).  It was a 20ml bag, but it was diluted, so I’m not sure how much my actual dose of Dextran was – I’ll have to call my doctor and find out the exact dose on that, just because I want to know.  ;)

I dozed for a short time, because of the Benedryl, but then a nice lady came in for her infusion, so I visited with her a bit and talked with the nurse some tending to me and watched some TV.  The time went by faster than you would think.   I left the hospital around 2:40 pm.

The nurse said it could take a day or two before I would notice any difference in how I felt.  Considering that I did not sleep well last night, I’m not feeling a huge surge of energy this morning, but I think I’m feeling better than I otherwise would have.  So I guess that’s something.  I’m hoping tomorrow morning to wake up feeling much more energized.  :)

Monday morning I’ll be calling my doctor to find out what we do next:  I’m assuming we will need to do some blood work this week (?) to check to see if this one infusion brought my blood levels up to normal.   I’ve heard that many hematologists tell WLS post-ops not to take iron supplements after an infusion, but if I do not, then how can I hope to maintain my iron levels, without needing to do another infusion, if I don’t take supplements?!  So I need to do some research on that and talk to others a little more knowledgeable about that than I am.    While the infusion experience was not a bad one, I would prefer not to have to do this on a regular basis if I can avoid it.  ;)


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