Lose Belly Fat Permanently: My Epiphany Moment

For those who may not follow me on Twitter, you might not know that I have been doing Scott Tousignant’s Fat Loss Quickie Home Office Workout program for the past couple of months or so.  I love Scott’s program because it’s just two 10 minute workouts per day: one cardio video and one workout video. I can handle 10 minutes of working out (even though I do not enjoy working out at all) and better yet – I can fit two 10 minute videos into my very busy day. This is a very doable program for me.

Ok – so today I had an epiphany on the why we (and that’s the collective we, that includes me, and anyone else who has struggled with their weight) struggle with losing belly fat and body fat in general. We have tried exercise, diets and nothing really works. It’s a ton of work, often a ton of money – and the results are, at best, slow to see results and usually short term. Once we go back to eating normal portions and we aren’t exercising every day for an hour – the weight piles back on. Frustrating!… and confusing.

So today I found some excellent information about why we struggle with our weight and why dieting and aerobics will not fix the problem.

Watch the video to learn what I found out. I bet you already know this information; yet were not actually doing it.

So, were you like me and shocked that you knew this and really hadn’t been doing this simple thing? Comment below and let me know.

Learning that your focus and efforts were going in the wrong direction is a huge light bulb moment for me.

To YOUR Health,
Traci Knoppe

P.S. Seriously, check out Fat Loss Quickie Home Office Workout, as Scott’s workouts are designed around doing the key thing we need to permanently lose weight! So my finding this information today, only confirmed that Scott’s program is exactly what I need to be doing!!

P.P.S. Here’s a link to the audio when Scott Tousignant interviewed me about my weight loss surgery experience.


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    Excellent video message Traci. You certainly bring up a lot of great points about the benefits of resistance training. I know many self proclaimed ‘Cardio Queens’ who spend hours running and are skinny, but have no muscle tone and are loose and flabby.

    One of the key points that we hit on in the interview that we did together was how the resistance training workouts will help maintain or increase your bone density which is of concern to you, especially after your surgery.

    Thank you for helping and educating your fans. You are doing an outstanding job with this site.

    You ROCK!

    Scott Tousignant

  2. says

    You are SOOO speaking the truth. I have been watching my weight all year and can not get below 140 – maintaining but not losing. And i would gain at 2000 a day too. And do I do resistance training? No. Am I flabby at 140 – definitely. So I am going off right now to check out Scott’s site and quickie plan as I know you all are KICKING it with his workouts! I just want to stop the GAIN when I am still eating right… Sincere thanks for your video :)

    • Traci says

      You’re welcome Bridgett! Truly – it was a light bulb moment for me when I made that connection. It just makes sense that we need to build muscle to overcome the fat. Duh! LOL

  3. says

    I’f I could afford the lap band. I would get it right away. It’s something I been hopeing for years.


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