Weight Loss Surgery Support

This post is really more of a poll to learn your thoughts on weight loss surgery support groups.

If you are a weight loss surgery post-op; are you plugged into a support group?  

If so, is it an online support group, or a live in-person support group?

If you are not part of a support group, why not?

Are you having trouble finding a group that ‘fits you’?

Have you tried other support groups and found them lacking?

Would you be interested in joining an online support group, for a small fee (to help keep out spammers & keep information private)?

Have you ever been to a live weight loss surgery event?

If yes, what event and where?

If no, would you be interested in attending a live event to meet others, learn about gastric bypass health issues, new supplements, etc..?

Thank you so much for your response!  I can’t wait to hear from you.


To YOUR Health,




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