Paul Deen Diabetes Uproar

Recently, Paula Deen (the famous southern cook) announced she has Type 2 diabetes.  What apparently irked many was she discovered this 3 years ago, and waited to make a general announcement until such time as she had secured a deal with a diabetes treatment company.

Okay, I will admit that the way it all played out seemed like she was more interested in monetizing her situation, rather than using her public influence to educate others about diabetes.

But what really baffles me is folks lamblasting her for the food she cooks. Namely, blaming the butter and fried foods for her diabetes.

First, fat does not make you fat.  Fats eaten from natural food sources (butter, animal meats, coconut oil, nuts) are good fats and good for you. Our brains need fat to stay healthy and low fat diets have been linked to depression and binge eating.  Fat makes us feel satiated so we don’t overeat.  Remember:  good fats, from good sources are good.

Paula Deen did not necessarily always use good fats.  She did use a lot of butter; but also used fake fats like vegetable oil too. It’s the fake fats that have been linked to inflammation and recent studies have shown is the contributing factor to heart disease.  So fake fats cause inflammation and inflammation causes heart disease.*  It’s not the cholesterol, the butter or fats from meat or other good sources that cause clogged arteries.  Our bodies can handle real fat, but do not handle fake fats.  Keep it real! ;)  *Request my free report above,  The TRUTH About Weight Loss Surgery, for more details on fake fats vs. real fats.

But probably the most likely reason for Paula Deen’s type 2 diabetes (aside from any genetic predisposition) is her excessive use of carbs:  potatoes, pasta and sugar.   These types of  high glycemic carbs cause insulin spikes, which over time, stress the pancreas and eventually limit the body’s ability to keep insulin levels stabilized and thus, blood glucose levels remain high and the result is type 2 diabetes.

Cutting carbs is the best approach to managing diabetes with diet*, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are also part of a healthy lifestyle to manage diabetes.  *Obviously discuss your specific situation with your doctor.

Actually, eating a low carb diet is probably the best way for most folks to lose weight! Low carb does not mean no carb; our bodies need carbs, but they need to come in the form of non-starchy vegetables.  Potatoes and corn are starchy.  Spinach, green beans and leafy green salads are not.

We don’t need bread, potatoes and pasta.  I’m telling you it’s those types of high glycemic carbs that are packing on those pounds, raising insulin levels and making you feel sluggish.   I truly believe we could avoid many undergoing weight loss surgery if these folks would change what they eat, and eat low carb.

On a low carb diet, you don’t count calories, you count carbs.  How many carbs should you eat daily, depends on who you ask.  I know some who like to stay around 20 net carbs per day; others 50-100 net carbs.  I personally think you should do what works for you, your body and gives you the results you want.

Because carbs directly effect insulin, it makes sense to eat a low carb diet to either manage your diabetes, or lose weight to avoid getting diabetes.  It just makes sense.

To Your Health,

What do you think about Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement?  


  1. Rachel Deen (only a distant relation, if any at all) says

    Hear Hear! I am Diabetic (Dr. allowed 165 carb/day), and it is a very personal journey through the different psychological stages from discovery, denial, anger, acceptance, to embrace. It is NOT like having cancer, or being an alcoholic, but the mental process is much the same, as it is a lifetime committment and can kill you if you do not stand up for yourself, address it, and take control. after 6 years I am still having realizations every day, about food, portions, organ processes, the effect of exercise, and how I feel about them individually and together. I applaud Paula for not splattering her personal life all over the place, like people expect her to. I’m glad she took the time to understand it and the effect it has on her life and her family before sharing it with the general public. Ok, so she is a celebrity, but that does not entitle people to know every little step she takes. So she uses butter and oil…true, not always the healthiest, but butter and oil do not make people fat. People make themselves fat. Go Paula!

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