1 yr post-op & size 10!!

My 1 year post-op visit with Dr. Richardson went very well! ALL of my bloodwork came back normal. YAY! Dr. R. said I looked great and he went on to explain to me that most post-ops lose about 75-80% of their excess weight, regain and end up settling at about 60-70% of their excess weight lost. He said that puts most people about 30 lbs over where they would like to be – which is usually ‘ideal body weight’. My goal is normal BMI, and I’m 2 lbs from that right now. Ideal body weight for my height is 138 lbs – I may or may not make that. Dr. R. said those folks that do are more obsessive about getting to that point – I am not. I’m healthy and a normal weight, that’s the most important to me. ;-) Here I am, wearing my new size 10 capris!! :-D

me - size 10

Size 12!

I’m 9 months post-op and I’ve lost another pound for a total of 88! I’m only losing about 3 lbs or so per month now. At least it’s something. I’ve adjusted my personal goal to 149 lbs, which gets me a normal BMI. I’m also now wearing size 12’s!!! Here I am in my new size 12 capris. :-D

9 month post-op